Welcome to OutsourceUSA

The OutsourceUSA network is a collaborative group of independent CRE service firms with one mission: to provide clients outstanding customer service from their respective areas of expertise.

Minneapolis-based Verum Consulting, LLC is the managing member of the OutsourceUSA network and the network’s members are trusted industry colleagues that came together in partnership to support the Verum philosophy that no one firm can do everything, but there is power in collaboration. Believing that when we collaborate, we win — and our clients win.

The network, by design, is comprised of 12 firms (shown on the next page). The OutsourceUSA logo itself has 12-points, depicting all the network collaborations that can take place. Moreover, the services offered were hand-picked to give our clients a full suite of services without diluting the message or creating any conflicts.

For inquiries about becoming a member of the OutsourceUSA network, please send an email to info@verumconsulting.com.